Useful Tricks For Composing A Short Essay About Life

Essay writing is a wonderful way to express your innermost thoughts. It need not be concerned with stuff topics that bear no relevance to your existence. With this in mind, one of the best topics you can consider writing on is life itself. Yes, it may be intimidating to approach such a broad topic but you won’t regret making the attempt. Here are a few tips that can make the whole process go smoothly.

  • Reflect on your own life
  • What were the most memorable moments you’ve every lived through? Chances are they were unique to you but there may be some underlying elements that are universal and thus familiar to any reader. Try looking at your lived experiences through that lens and see what you can come up with that might be usable when you write. This step is also a good way to jump-start the brainstorming of topics.

  • Read the biographies of interesting people
  • If you do not have enough interesting experiences of your own to draw from, consider referring to the lives of other people. You can read biographies or autobiographies and end up with a wide range of material to work from. You may even need to discard some of the less useful sources because so many are available whether through your own collection, online or in the library.

  • Research developmental psychology theories
  • There are many theories about the way that people think and act and how that relates to the stage of their lives they are at. Freud and Erikson both have very popular ones but many others exist which you can refer to to give your essay some ballast.

  • Research philosophers
  • You need not stick to psychology in seeking academic backing for your perspective. Philosophers discuss the act of living just as frequently if not more so. Read up on their perspectives and see how they can be used in explaining your own. Descartes may prove especially useful in this exercise.

  • Augment your brainstorming
  • If these tips still leave you wanting you could try to get assistance on the web via this website. You will find more in-depth tips and will be able to move past any last lingering blockages that prevent you from completing your writing.

It’s a good idea to approach broad topics like this one every now and then. Write it carefully and you will expand your skills.

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