What Is The Best Way To Compose An A+ Essay About My Favorite Food?

Writing essays about food and cuisine is one of the most popular assignments at school. At a certain point in life, all students are assigned to write about their favorite products and dishes. Most teachers usually want their students to compose a descriptive or a process essay.

Both types are about describing foods; the former is mostly about giving general information about the looks and tastes of certain products while the latter is more about recipes, ingredients and the process of cooking.

How to Start

Although most people don’t have problems answering the question about their food preferences, some find it hard to expand on this topic. Many people like ice-cream, but quite a few of them know what it’s made of. Many people heard that junk food isn’t healthy but can’t explain why. It’s amazing how little people know about what they consume. That’s why, however strange this might sound, writing about your favorite food requires prior research.

What Info You Can Include

  • Find some curious facts on the Internet.
  • You may come across some interesting facts like when this food first appeared and when it became popular, or when it came to your country. This kind of information will make your essay really captivating.

  • Write about the ingredients and their impact on health.
  • If you can buy your favorite food in a supermarket, check the backside of the package and find the ingredients list. Some of the ingredients might be of synthetic origin (they’re usually indicated as letters and numbers). You can go online and find out which of them are healthy or unhealthy and why.

What to Do if You Don’t Have a Recipe

While writing about a dish may seem a piece of cake for those who enjoy cooking, it can be a burden for those who prefer eating out. They often wonder what they should write after they name their favorite dish if they don’t even know how to cook it. However, there is a simple way to describe your favorite food even if you don’t have the recipe - ask the chefs of your favorite diner for more information. If you like a certain dish in a diner/café/restaurant, you might ask them to tell you more about the ways it can be prepared. Of course, there’s a chance they would want to keep this information secret, especially if that’s their signature dish, but you can always try.

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