Good Ideas For An Informative Essay About Romeo And Juliet

Here are a few good ideas to help you write an informative essay about Shakespeare’s all-time classic love tragedy. While expanding on some of those ideas, this guide will help you prepare a work plan based on what you can be expected to write about in the paper.

Tragedy and love

The principle remains the same no matter what level of study you are at. You can begin your explorative and interactive research journey by interrogating two important sub-themes; tragedy and love. But before any further ado, please be reminded that reading and writing about Shakespearean texts has never been this easy, hundreds of years after the original plays were written and performed. Previously, the only resources scholars had been the playbooks that remained in its original poetic and rhythmic language. The evolution of the English language made it difficult for students to read and study the texts.

Read what the critics say

Also, previous teaching and learning methods were in rote form, meaning that students often had to memorize lines instead of trying to understand themes and meanings in the literary text. Now, begin your research by reading on the background themes of classic romance and Shakespeare’s use of tragedy. Library resources have catalogues that list many texts written by literary scholars, past and present. These are well worth exploring and are highly informative in helping you formulate your own literary analyses. Ideally, you will be studying the works of modern literary critics mainly because their comments are relevant to today’s era.

Watch the movies

Remember, always, to read the original texts alongside your literary resources. Gather some of your fellow students around you and read scenes from the play (each reader will be playing a different character). Expand your creative writing practice by taking notes while you are reading and after you have performed readings with your colleagues. You can even workshop new ideas and initiate discussions on what should be included in the essay. Earlier, we mentioned that reading Shakespeare was never easier than now. But watching live stage performances poses challenges for many students. This is easily overcome by hiring or downloading the many movie versions that have been produced.

These are just a few ideas to get you started on writing an informative paper on Romeo and Juliet. It doesn’t have to end there because after reading the play you will soon have a few more ideas of your own.

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