Composing A Proper Argumentative Essay About Good Governance

If you would like your argumentative essay about good governance to be effective, you must include some elements that will try to persuade the audience from a certain perspective. This is why it is important to take a few minutes where you plan and prepare before you can begin writing the paper

  • Choose a good topic
  • If your teacher has given you direction on governance, you will need to narrow to a subtopic that you find interesting on the issue of good governance. Since you are writing an argumentative essay, you will need to choose a topic that will spark your interest. Choose a position that you can back up using evidence and reasoning. Having a strong belief is one thing but when it comes to shaping your argument, you will need to offer an explanation on what you believe is logical and reasonable.

    When exploring your choice of topic, you should come up with a mental list of the points that You need to use as evidence for as well as against the issue.

  • Consider, the topic’s both sides
  • After you have chosen a topic that you have a strong feeling about, make a list of points that are necessary for the two sides of the argument before choosing a side. Remember that the aim of the essay is to provide two sides of an issue and assess each side. Of course you will need to choose one side that you will conclude to be the better side.

  • Gather evidence
  • When considering an argument, we think of two people who are speaking loudly while making some dramatic gestures. This is due to the fact that oral arguments can turn emotional. The argument also requires you to offer proof and in an argument essay, you need to provide evidence without this kind of drama. Your goal is to explore two opposing sides of the topic and provide proof on why you believe one side to be better.

  • Writing stage
  • After you create that solid foundation, it is time to start writing the essay. Ensure that your argumentative essay on good governance is made of 3 parts. These are the introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction should offer a brief explanation on the topic as well as the background information. The body on the other hand is the meat of your argument while the conclusion restates your argument and gives an opinion on why you made that stand.

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