7 Logical Steps To Writing A Compare And Contrast Essay About Tea And Coffee

Tea and coffee are favorite drinks of many people all over the world. The interesting thing is that they have a lot of differences and similarities. You may choose to write about tea and coffee if your teacher asks you to compose a cause and effect essay. However, if you’ve never written similar papers before, you should learn about steps that you should take in order to succeed.

How to Create an Impressive Cause and Effect Essay

  1. Come up with differences and similarities.
  2. You should think about this before you begin the writing process. It’s important to not only indicate differences and similarities of tea and coffee but also support your statements with illustrative examples.

  3. Create a thesis statement.
  4. Your paper should contain a sentence that clearly states the main purpose of your work and sets the course for body paragraphs. Your thesis should be short and clear. It should be composed in advance so that you can build the rest of the paper around it.

  5. Make an outline.
  6. It’s recommended to plan the structure and contents of each section of your paper in advance. Take a sheet of paper and mention briefly what you want to include in the introduction, body, and conclusion. The writing process will be much easier.

  7. Write the introduction.
  8. You should start your paper with facts related to tea and coffee that demonstrate their popularity among people. Then, point out that it’d be interesting to learn why they’re so popular and whether they have much in common. Put your thesis in the end.

  9. Write the body.
  10. This is where you present your comparisons and provide your examples. There are several ways to structure the body of a cause and effect essay. Ask your teacher to learn about all of them and choose the one that suits you better.

  11. Write the conclusion.
  12. In the last section, you should summarize all the points presented in your paper. You may also mention what drink you prefer and why.

  13. Compose a title.
  14. It’s advisable to come up with a creative title that will both contain keywords from your text and draw the attention of your readers.

Proofreading and Editing

Many students don’t proofread their essays carefully. As a result, they earn low scores not because the contents of their papers are meaningless but because there are plenty of grammar and spelling mistakes in them. Always check your texts for errors and phrases that sound out of place. For expert help, ask "write my term paper" our partners.

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