A List Of Outstanding Topics For An Essay On Art Projects

When writing an essay for art, students need to find unique, original ideas. In addition, students will want to find a topic that they are actually interested in. If the student is actually engaged by the topic, they will find it much easier to write and research.

Before looking online for topic ideas for art projects, students should make sure to read through their writing prompt. Often, teachers will have exact ideas about what they want from the assignment. Sometimes, the teacher will even have specific topics that they want addressed. If this is the case, the student should make sure to use the topics provided by their teacher. They can also visit their teacher after class to ask for additional help with creating new ideas. Students may also want to visit their teacher as they work on the assignment so that they stay on track and know exactly what is expected in each part of the essay.

Art Project Essay Ideas

  1. What is the history and design behind the Buckingham Fountain?
  2. What is the lasting influence of pop artists like Andy Warhol?
  3. How is the Sistine Chapel an example of the impatience of Michelangelo?
  4. How has Frank Gehry risen to be one of the top architects in the world? Make sure to consider the New York building since it is the tallest residential structure in the western hemisphere.
  5. How did the movie, A Beautiful Mind, delve into John Nash's experience with schizophrenia and how was this disorder portrayed?
  6. What was the purpose and technique behind cave paintings in the ancient world?
  7. What techniques were used to restore the Last Supper?
  8. How have African-American ghettos been portrayed in film versus the real life situation?
  9. What are some of the struggles that Coco Chanel dealt with growing up that later shaped her career as an artist?
  10. What concepts and issues are in play when it comes to the architecture of affordable housing?
  11. What is the meaning behind Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night?
  12. What was the role of patronage in Medieval art?
  13. Why does Picasso's Girl Before a Mirror portray the girl looking into a mirror instead of toward the viewers of the painting?
  14. What are some of the artistic styles and influences of the Expressionist painters?
  15. Why is Kamisaka Sekka known as the father of modern design in Japan?
  16. What causes some movies to be censored and how does this process take place?
  17. How did Native Americans create and use transformation masks? What was the purpose behind these masks?
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