10 Compelling Essay Topics About Cutting-Edge Technology

We live in the era of information and technology. On this premise, each and every student should at least be in a position to craft an award winning paper on the same. However, there are students who still find it a big hurdle to write what is all round them and that which they use every day. The term cutting-edge technology should get you thinking about the cellular phones, computers, satellites and such like advance gadgets made with ingenuity. Writing on anything is a process which must be done creatively and progressively. To a student who finds it a challenge to write an essay about electronic gadgets like cellular phones, it will always leave a lot to be desired given the fact that in modern day classroom, pedagogy is the word which every learner should understand from the onset. It is all about the use of technology in learning. Well, fort every piece of writing, one is supposed to come up with a topic that is viable. This means, a topic should be that which serves the mind well when it comes to generating progressive ideas for the development of paragraphs.

A lot has been said and written on if technology is anything to go by. However, despite the fact that you will find out that every essay topic you will be coming up with bears close semblance with what is out there on the web and in the library, doing something out of the ordinary will always earn you a big score. It is all about coming up with a compelling topic to start with and in this post, we take a look at some very compelling topics on cutting-edge technology.

  • Technology and technological advancements can be felt everywhere. On this premise, writing about the same is an easy thing to say the least. To begin with, you can come up with a topic like; impacts of technology are the education sector. You can think of such aspects of technology in classroom as pedagogy.
  • What is the future of smart phone technology?
  • How has Smartphone technology influenced the use of computers in modern contemporary society?
  • The impact of technology in arms race. How are world superpowers using cutting edge technologies to outdo one another in arms race?
  • The use of technology in food security. Are technological measures to curb food insecurity healthier?
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