A List Of Controversial Titles For An Opinion Essay On Vegetarianism

An opinion essay is writing a composition which contains different opinions on a single topic. It needs a good understanding of the topic and sufficient material for writing the same. Vegetarianism is not eating meat or products obtained from slaughter of animals. Since long, it has been a controversial topic to debate on. Controversial topic for a composition is good as a lot of materials and viewpoint is available.

To write a composition on a controversial title, it is very important to know the topic in detail. Wrong facts or incomplete information should not be provided at all. For this you need a thorough study of the topic and prior idea. Also, opinion composition consists of different viewpoints and opinions, so it is important to know the topic from different angles and point of views. A flexible thinking is required on the topic and you should not stick to any particular angle. Different and to the point viewpoints must be present in your composition.

Why do I choose a controversial title?

Controversial titles are generally those topics on which different individuals have different viewpoints. To write an opinion composition it will be very helpful if a controversial topic is chosen as a large number of different viewpoints will be available. In addition to that, controversial topics are challenging and interesting to write on. It is not boring as non-controversial topics. A composition on vegetarianism can also be written on a controversial topic although vegetarianism being a controversial topic itself, is a topic with different viewpoints of different people.

Some controversial titles for an opinion essay on vegetarianism are as follows

  • Should vegetarianism be followed for the sake of religion only?
  • Is vegetarianism not same as non-vegetarianism in terms of killing, as plants have life too.
  • Should beef be banned in a secular country where there are beef eating communities?
  • Are vegetarians missing on the rich source of protein- meat?
  • Some vegetarian food processing includes non-vegetarian treatment. How do vegetarians tackle this?
  • Can vegetarianism lead to misbalance in the food chain of the ecosystem?
  • Vegetarianism and the human body.
  • Can vegetarianism do any good to the planet in the long run?
  • Is vegetarianism related to a person’s nature in any way?
  • Can vegetarians be referred to as saints and non-vegetarians as killers?
  • Is vegetarianism a better way of life?
  • Is it even ethical to kill animals for their food value?
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