A Comprehensive Guide To Writing An Essay About An Official Speech

When you write an essay about another text, you have to be more focused than usual. It’s not only about what you write, but also how you perceive what other person wrote. This becomes even more tricky when the subject is an official speech; you have to analyze it, understand all the ideas and then try to explain them in your composition. Naturally, at the end you will have to conclude if the speech was effective or not. This is a comprehensive guide that will help you:

  • Talk about the person who is giving the speech. This information matters more than you think, and you can’t ignore it in your composition. Depending on this you will be able to judge if this person is honest and what is the purpose of the speech. Besides, it will help your colleagues understand the situation in a better way.
  • What is the occasion and the goal of the speech? It is vital to explain why this person is giving the speech and what are they supporting. For example, a speech that supports medical marijuana is completely different than a speech that supports animal rights. You have to make this part very clear for your colleagues.
  • What are the main ideas of the speech? It is not enough to listen or read the speech once, and then write your paper. You have to focus on the main ideas and try to understand exactly what this person is trying to express. Was this figure of speech an innuendo, or the speaker was honest and clear?
  • Is it effective? What do you feel when you listen to this speech? Do you think that the speaker did a good job? Are you inspired? If you have a positive opinion after listening to this, mostly others will have the same feeling.
  • What is missing? You can’t write only about the positive parts; you also have to talk about what is missing from this speech and why. This argument would be suitable for this subject?
  • Write the conclusion. At the end you will just summarize what you wrote in your essay, and you will express your honest opinion. Make sure that you are completely objective in the rest of the text, so you can give a fair assessment to your colleagues and professor.
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