8 Helpful Hints For Writing A Compare And Contrast Essay On 9/11

The date of 9/11 has become etched in history and usually needs no other explanation. It happened on 9/11/01 in the United States. When writing about this terrorist attack, there will be many different angles you could take. It’s worth looking closely at all your options before you decide. 9/11 by itself is much too broad of a topic to handle in an essay of normal length; you will find more success with a much narrower focus within that topic.

There are 8 essential keys to creating a great essay using this topic selection. Compare and contrast is a very interesting way to present it to your readers. Here are the hints you will need:

  1. Narrow down your topic sufficiently. For example, compare the events from the perspective of one person versus how it was portrayed in the media.
  2. Find a key point to be the focus of the comparison or the contrast.
  3. Lay the groundwork properly by reading your assignment thoroughly. Make sure you fully understand all that is being asked for.
  4. If you aren’t sure about a particular part of the assignment or how to approach your topic, make sure you ask questions. Your teacher is probably your best resource.
  5. Start as early as you can. Assignments for writing this type of essay are usually given well in advance and you can use time to your advantage.
  6. Make sure your subjects that you are comparing or contrasting can be discussed in an interesting and meaningful way. Ask yourself “so what?” in order to think about the details which may not be apparent at first glance.
  7. Brainstorm ideas for your topic. Talk out loud as well as write down notes. You can even make a Venn diagram to see what overlaps and how different aspects of your topic are inter-related or not related at all.
  8. Flesh out the main points. As you do your research and brainstorming, pay attention to main points that come out. These will be the leaders for each paragraph of your essay.

A successful essay counts on having a firm foundation. You build this by organizing main thoughts into an outline, and then using the outline to write the paper. This ensures you stay on the right track as well as avoiding omitting any key ideas related to your topic.

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