Interesting Essay Topics On Crime And Punishment

You have been asked to write an essay Dostoevsky’s “Crime and Punishment” but you are yet to start writing. The reason is simply this – you have not been able to come up with any interesting topic for your paper. This is quite understandable; after all you have not taken your time to read the book from cover to cover. In order to help you out of this dilemma, here are some interesting topics that would make a good read for your academic paper on “Crime and Punishment”. These topics are as follows:

  • What really makes a crime?
  • What does it entail for one’s death to be tied with dignity?
  • Svidrigailov’s death – Is it dignified?
  • What is the conception about women as portrayed in Crime and Punishment?
  • An analysis of the freedom and its value – A study of Crime and Punishment
  • What defines superiority? Raskolnikov as a case study
  • What is the rationale behind Raskolnikov asking Sonya to read the story of Lazarus to him?
  • How is the concept of law depicted in Crime and Punishment?
  • A critical analysis of certain concepts of Christianity as portrayed in Crime and Punishment
  • The legal techniques used by Porfiry – A view from both ends of the stick
  • In what way is the character of Svidrigailov similar to that of Raskolnikov?
  • Raskolnikov’s attraction to Sonya – A critical look

These are some of the interesting topics on which you can base your essay on “Crime and Punishment”. Apart from choosing an interesting topic for your paper, there are certain elements that would also help you in achieving high scores with the submission of your paper. One of them is the presence of ample support for the chosen topic or issue. If for instance you choose to write on the viewpoint that Svidrigailov’s character is similar to Raskolnikov’s, there should be examples to solidify that reasoning. Without these examples, you will not be able to convince your readers about your viewpoint.

For this reason, it is important to look up information that would help you write a chosen topic before you start writing your essay. If can’t find enough information to back up your ideas, then you should go for an alternative topic. You should also remember to write a compelling introduction for your paper. Your choice of terms or phrases would either interest your readers or bore them. You wouldn’t want the latter so take your time to inject some fun and creativity into your essay on “Crime and Punishment”.

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