A List Of Interesting Description Essay Topics On Architecture

Description essays may sound easy, but they aren’t. They are extremely challenging especially if you are not interested in the topic or are not familiar with it.

Here is a list of interesting description essays on architecture.

  1. Dissertation on the effect that technology has on architecture.
  2. You could take a building component - any component for that matter and write about the entire history and evolution of that component from the beginning till the modern day, the changes it has gone through and why.
  3. Exploring how architecture and the environment are related and how buildings exist and are adapted based on space, culture as well as climate
  4. Thesis on the description of gothic architecture with special emphasis on cathedrals and churches
  5. You can write about how architecture is a form of art
  6. Homework on how architecture is a science
  7. Why the pyramids were built in the scale and shape that they are in. What were the reasons behind it – this needs to be considered from the political, mythical, religious and social reasons
  8. Thesis on how has deco style of art influenced modern architecture
  9. How has the industrial revolution changed the way architecture was viewed as well as studied
  10. Freelance thesis on what is the different materials which were used for ancient structures and how do they differ from modern structures.
  11. How did the lifestyle change and influence architecture for that particular region or people
  12. What is architecture? It needs to be researched on the basis of art, philosophy and science.
  13. What is the most important in architecture – the functionality of the building as well as the utilization of space or should it be beauty and form?
  14. Should sustainable architecture be the goal or should it be more in terms of restoring the structures that exist
  15. Why is it that humanity wants to create structures on massive scales – this needs to be evaluated from the earliest of times till modern times.
  16. What will architecture look like in 100 years?
  17. Research on what are the benefits and disadvantages of using concrete

These are just some topics for descriptive essays on architecture. These freelance topics can be used as homework assignments or even as end of term dissertations which need to be handed in.

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