List Of Unique 7th Grade Essay Topic Ideas In Fine Arts

It’s always hard to come up with a unique topic for a top-quality 7th grade essay, especially about fine arts that play an essential part in the educational process. To figure out what to write about, it’s important to understand that they cover not only the visual arts, but drama, music and dancing as well. Thus, the list of topics about this aesthetic discipline can be numerous.

Selecting a Topic for Writing

When getting down to writing your work, you should remember that the theme you chose should be special and captivating. Therefore, you can consider the list of unique essay topic ideas in fine arts for 7th-graders given below:

  1. Think of it in general.
    • Art helps you see the world differently.
    • In this paper you could write about the way any masterpiece has changed your perception of good and evil or made you see reconsider some of your values.

    • What is your source of inspiration?
    • People get inspired by different things: music, paintings, architecture, etc. What can really encourage you?

    • What are the benefits of fine arts for education and personal development?
    • Many people think that students should study only practical subjects like sciences because they can be applied in the real life. Think of the specific advantages of a comprehensive artistic education.

    • Censorship on art: pros and cons.
    • Some songs and paintings are rated for a certain age due to the violent, political, religious, or immoral content present in them. Does this violate your rights or does it protect you?

    • Write about music.
      • Does music inspire people to create?
      • Music is known to influence people’s moods. You could write an essay on the impact of music and specify how it has affected you.

      • Musical education makes students cleverer.
      • Some scientists say that people studying music get smarter. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

      • Dwell on visual art.
        • Predictions of the famous artists which came true.
        • Leonardo da Vinci predicted the appearance of a helicopter. Find examples of other world-known painters who foresaw something that hadn’t existed before.

        • To develop your own personal style, a student should study the masterpieces of the famous artists.
        • Some people prefer to think that in order to master painting or drawing, you should just practice it. Can this be enough or do you need to know the history of art to fulfill yourself?

        • Visual art in the era of the Internet.
        • Nowadays, the most well-known and popular paintings can be seen online. Do you think this can substitute going to museums and galleries?

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