22 Interesting Essay Writing Prompts About Historic Figures

If you are literally struggling to find interesting essay topics on famous people, here’s an easy way out. Here are some marvellous essay topic ideas on famous people who are known around the world and have significant contributions in respective areas. You can take this list with you while you do research online or do your own research to find interesting essay topics. For the time being, here’s a quick list for you to put a glance through. In case you need more ideas, you shouldn’t hesitate contacting academic writing and proofreading agencies. There are quite a few of them online.

  1. Analysis of the character of Cleopatra and the myths built around her
  2. Comparing Shakespeare's creation Richard with the actual historical figure
  3. Queen Nefertiti’s political influence in Egypt of her time
  4. Life and works of Confucius - the great Chinese Philosopher
  5. Albert Speer - Different historical interpretations
  6. Mahatma Gandhi – How Gandhi’s way of life influenced the Indian youth of his time
  7. Abigail Smith as a women’s rights idealist
  8. Role of Adrienne Rich in creating a sense of change in American literature
  9. A short biography of the first president of the United States of America - George Washington
  10. Life and works of Audrey Hepburn
  11. A potted biography of Adolf Hitler – the statesman and dictator
  12. Looking into the incredible mind of Einstein
  13. Was Alexander the Great not worthy of the title he was given?
  14. Contribution of Ambrose Bierce in world literature
  15. Can we call Anna Akhmatova a true poet?
  16. What was Aristotle’s view on happiness?
  17. Kenneth Slessor’s evaluation as a leading Australian poet
  18. Satyajit Ray’s works: How has Ray impacted world cinema?
  19. Edgar Allen Poe and his ‘Deeper darkness’
  20. A short biography of Joseph McCarthy
  21. A biography Ralph Waldo Emerson
  22. What kind of woman was Princess Diana?

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