Useful Strategies That Can Help You Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

It is very important to us to know how to express ourselves, to show others how we think, what ideas we have or what creative mind we possess. All old ancient civilizations had expressed their culture through writing, starting from writing on walls of the caves, temples or even papyrus. Here, we are going to talk about expressing ourselves using our pen, through writing, and how to improve our writing skills, specially essays, since it is the important part of most English exams.

It is necessary to improve our writing skills, to allow us to writing a proper essay which in turn will help us to achieve our aim of getting a good education and high marks. There are some useful strategies which will improve your writing style and that you can easily apply:

  • Identify the type of your essay; it might be an argumentative essay when you will discuss 2 contradicting opinions regarding one issue or it can be problem solving essay when you are going to discuss about a problem and its solution, so basically you must know what is the type of the essay.
  • Think about the core of your essay. It is very critical not to start immediately to write until you have drawn a general outline of you essay. What shall you write and what shall you avoid in your essay, do those ideas match with the required essay or not ? 5 minutes of thinking will make big difference.
  • Build your essay structure. An essay is like a building, as it need base, floors and finishing, the same, an essay will need an introduction, core of the essay and conclusion.
    • The introduction: should be short and include a general idea about the theme of the essay.
    • The core of the composition: is preferred to be 2 or 3 paragraphs, and in each of them you describe an opinion, counter opinion, problem or solution.
    • Conclusion: it should contain a conclusion of your essay and preferably your personal opinion.
  • Examples and facts: it is important to support your statements with facts and examples from real life, because it will show the reader that you are not only good writer but also a good reader.
  • Do not forget to enhance your grammars and punctuations, small things can make big difference.
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