Good Ideas For Your Argumentative Essay On Animal Testing

If you are assigned an argumentative essay on animal testing, you have a great opportunity to develop your own argument on this topic. The task should be interesting for you because there is plenty of evidence of animal testing that you can use to illustrate whatever position you support. You may agree that the technology offers breathtaking options or claim that people should not put animals in danger. Either way, you need to develop a good idea for your paper.

Supporting Animal Testing Essay Ideas

When you are writing about the benefits of animal testing, you can focus your argumentative paper on the following points:

  • Most of the breakthroughs in medicine and biochemistry have something to do with animal testing, e.g. many vaccines and antibiotics would not be created without it.
  • People actually need these tests to prove the effectiveness of new medications, including drugs that will be helpful for children.
  • Alternative test methods are not as effective as animal testing.
  • Some practices are humane, so animals do not suffer from the experiments and today technologies allow scientists to treat sick or injured animals.

In the medical field, the use of animals is considered as a necessity. This seems a safer way to test the effectiveness of new medication and improved treatment plans. The experts agree that animals, such as rats and monkeys, save thousands of human lives and claim that no alternative testing methods are useful at the moment.

Opposing the Necessity of Animal Testing in Your Essay

Many people worldwide oppose the idea of animal testing, so you can pick one of their arguments and provide the supportive evidence in your essay:

  • There is no point to test medication and cosmetics on animals because 90 % of them fail later when they are used on people.
  • This is a costly testing method, so scientists should come up with something more cost-effective.
  • In many cases, alternative testing methods are helpful, e.g. a computer simulation.
  • Animals feel pain as well as humans do and the practice is cruel and inhumane, so it should be banned in developed countries.

Although animal testing is not a new idea, some organizations still question its effectiveness. You can find data and research results provided by animal protection organizations to support your argument. For example, write about how many rats and rabbits are used in labs in the U.S. each year and what regulations can protect them from being intentionally harmed.

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