12 Excellent Topics For An Expository Essay On Issues Related To Politics

Whether we like it or not, politics is all around us. There is so much more that you can learn about politics even if you are not the type to engage in political discourse, or if you have no interest in politics at all. The nature of the world that we live in is such that we come across so many incredible ideas, incredible stuff that make the world go round, and there is no way we can ignore them just because perhaps they are not things that interest us.

There are so many issues that are related to politics that you can discuss in an expository essay. You have to be very keen on this, so that you are in a good position to present interesting, workable titles to your teacher. The following are some good topics that you can use when working on the task at hand:

  1. Discuss how sports and politics are related in such a manner that one cannot do without the other
  2. Following the subsequent invasions by the western nations into sovereign territories under different auspices, discuss the political angle that drives these incursions
  3. Explain the importance and nature of accountability, authority and power within the political divide
  4. Discuss the role of politics in the society and compare it with the obligation of a Christian
  5. Explain how TV has in the recent past influenced the nature of politics in the country
  6. Discuss some of the important ideas that you can use to help you reflect public opinion with respect to politics
  7. Discuss how international politics revolves around the concept of showing power and outmuscling one another
  8. Discuss how the politics of Jimmy Carter differs from that of President Obama
  9. Explain the important role that labor unions play when it comes to politics, citing how effective they have been in championing for the rights of the oppressed
  10. Provide an elaborate explanation of why TV shows like House of Cards provide a true picture of the nature of politics and the strife of slavery and bullying between countries, especially after studying the relationship between President Underwood and President Petrov
  11. Discuss the role that politics plays in creation and propagation of violence
  12. Explain some of the challenges that face countries where dictatorial and oppressive rule has been in place for years, especially after the tyrant leaders exit power
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