Writing Basics: The Best Way To Organize An Argumentative Essay

Most students will have to write an argumentative paper at some point in their education. In fact, this form of academic paper is also known as a persuasive paper, as well as a range of other similar names. Furthermore, there are many other academic styles that are relatively similar and, therefore, knowing how to organize this type of assignment can be particularly useful.

Plan your work beforehand

As with any assignment you need to do, it is essential that you plan the work before you start. In fact, planning the work not only helps to ensure that you will produce an organized and logical piece of writing, but it can make things easier as well. For example, rather than trying to get your head around the complexities of the academic paper whilst you write it, if you have some form of skeleton plan prepared, then you can simply look to see what you should write next, which can help you to focus on what you are doing.

Of course, you may have to deviate from your plan; however, even if you do not follow it precisely, having some kind of preparation in place beforehand will certainly make writing the work a great deal easier and more organized.

Using new paragraphs for each new point or argument

When writing an argumentative paper, you will need to include a range of different arguments to try and back up the point of view that you have taken. If you are writing a relatively short piece of work, such as a five paragraph paper, then each of the paragraphs of your body section will have to include a new argument.

Alternatively, if you are writing a more in-depth piece, you should still remember to start a new paragraph for each new point or argument that you wish to make. Essentially, you will need to create a clear distinction between the arguments that you are making.

What to write in the introduction and conclusion

At the beginning of your paper you will have an introduction, which will essentially inform the reader what it is that you will be arguing about. In order to do this, you should state the subject that you will be discussing, as well as any point of view that you will refer to.

On the other hand, the conclusion comes at the end of your paper, and should refer to all of the main points that you brought up in the earlier sections.

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