A List Of Fresh Ideas For An Opinion Essay On Democracy

As the political climate continues to heat up in the United States, the idea of democracy continues to be a vital conversation. Because of this, instructors are happily assigning essays about democracy. If you have been assigned this topic, but you need to narrow it down, here are some options to get you thinking:

  • Can a democracy function without a regulated economy?
  • How are democracies and economies related?
  • Is a country still a democracy if some groups of people are discriminated against?
  • How much control does a government have over its people in a democracy?
  • Is a democracy the best type of government for a country?
  • Should families run on the idea of democracy?
  • Should schools run on the idea of democracy?
  • Can a democracy have a socialist economy?
  • Is a country really a democracy if less than half of the citizens choose to vote?
  • Should the United States have a federal holiday on Election Day?
  • How long should a democratic election be in the media?
  • Why does the election process take so much time in the United States?
  • What type of people run for office in a democratic country?
  • Why is it so expensive to run for office in a democratic country?
  • Does the price of running for office go against the idea of democracy?

When you are deciding on a narrowed topic for an opinion piece about democracy, it is best to consider what you know about the topic. You will need to prove that you are correct in your opinion, so it can also be helpful to have some sources that you can use for support. As you look around for sources, you can also look for ideas that will help you develop your topic. Many of the best topics are created from yes-or-no questions.

One of the most exciting new places to look for essay topics is the social media website. Since there are so many posts on political issues, you are bound to find some fresh ideas for your paper. News organizations disseminate their articles through social media to drive up readership; so if you see a title that gets your attention, you should click on it and see how many topics you can create from one piece. It is amazing how many ideas can be garnered from just reading one or two pieces that are related to your topic.

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