Henry Ford

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Henry Ford was the sole founder of Ford Motors Company and was born in America. Ford is recognised as the American 20th-century innovator and industrialist because he transformed an invention that would result in unknown utility into an innovation that positively impacted the lives of Americans in the 20th century. Just like many innovators who really on their ideas or ideas of others to develop and create utilities that would enhance the societal lives, Ford never developed the assembly line or the automobile but built on the automobile idea to significantly impact the world in the 20th century and the lives today.

Ford was popularly known not only for his wealth but also sponsoring the development of moving assembly line technique that led to mass production and his revolutionary vision. The revolutionary vision was based on the production of cheap products by highly skilled personnel who received a constant high wage. Ford paid his workers awesomely so as to maintain the best workers in his company. Ford was married on 1888 to Clara Ala Bryant. Ford’s revolutionary vision nurtured the growth and development of others innovators in the 20th century. Before his death, he ensured that the Ford Company was fully controlled by his family through the Ford foundation.

Early life of Henry Ford

Ford spent most of his early childhood life in the Wayne County where his family owned a farm. His was born on this farm on 30th July 1863. Before the age of 13 years, Ford was preoccupied with farm work. Ford’s skills were based on natural talents as at the age of 13 years; he was able to reassemble a pocket watch that he received from his father after putting it apart. His neighbours noticed and recognised these skills and even gave him their timepieces to fix too.

As a young man full of innovative ideas, Ford was not satisfied with farm work. At an age of 16 years, he moved out o their own to secure a machinist apprenticeship position at Detroit. As an apprentice, he learned how to service and operate steam engines.

Henry Ford’s career

Ford’s dream became a reality through the help of Thomas Edison, the owner of Edison Illuminating Company where he worked as the chief engineer. While at the lighting company, he developed his automobile plans that he frequently presented to Thomas Edison. Thomas acted as a source of encouraging to Ford and this significantly boosted his innovative idea. In 1903, Ford built the Ford motor company and created the model T that was followed by him sponsoring the development of the moving assembly line technique of mass production in 1914.

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